2-night Fire & Ice Breathwork Weekender
Breath, Yoga, Sauna, Ice, Campfire
Friday 10th -  Sunday 12th March 2023

Our iconic Warm-Up Wellness 3 day Retreat has been upgraded to include an on-site Sauna and Cold Water Therapy Ice Plunge, in addition to our retreat Firepit, Dynamic Breath Work and Warm Body Work in our purpose-built studio with wood burner.


Led by certified instructor  and advanced teacher Katherine Howlett, you will learn a toolkit of breathwork techniques to regulate and optimise breathing mechanics and control stress responses.  Katherine will teach you how to bring your body back to strength and flexibility and create a moving meditation Body Work Flow. You'll learn how to use gradual heat and cold exposure to increase your tolerance  and upgrade your nervous system, boost immunity and improve blood circulation. The retreat is recommended for post-Covid recovery. 

Our purpose-built and luxury accommodation in nature is  at Gambledown Farm, Romsey, Hampshire.  The hormone-rebalancing nourishing and hearty menu is prepared by chefs and retreat specialists.

The weekender is short and impactful, designed to energise and reset your system within a weekend, and transport you beyond the limitations of your daily life. Blue Stone Retreats  create the time and space you need to deep dive into  learning breathwork tools to manage your mindset for modern-day living.

Where your breath goes, your mind will follow. Come with us on our next Breathworh Retreat.


Arrival: Friday 10th March  at 4.00 pm.

Departure: Sunday 12th March  at 12.00 pm.

  • 6 Breathwork sessions

  • 4 Warm bodywork posture flows

  • Wood-fired Sauna session on Saturday & Sunday

  • Iconic Fire & Ice therapy sessions

  • 1 Connective Firepit Circle Workshop

  • Purpose-built yoga studio with wood-burner and real wood floors

  • Time to relax and reset. Social time around the firepit each evening

  • Fresh, seasonal and nutritious chef-prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Luxury Accommodation and Off-grid Camping options: choose your style