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2-night, 3-day Power Up Weekender
Breathwork, Yoga, Fire & Ice, Sauna, 
Campfire and Inspiring Company.

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March 2023

Our iconic Warm-Up Wellness 2-night, 3 day Retreat has been upgraded to incorporate an on-site Sauna and Ice Bath  therapy plunge, in addition to our retreat Fire Pit, Dynamic Heating Breathwork, and Warm Body Work Flows in our purpose-built studio with wood burner. 


Led by certified instructor  and coach and  teacher Katherine Howlett,  you will learn a toolkit of breathwork techniques to regulate and optimise how you breathe to oxygenate your body, decrease stress and increase wellbeing.  Our purpose-built and luxury accommodation in nature is  at Gambledown Luxury Barn, Romsey, Hampshire.  Our nourishing food is prepared by chefs and retreat specialists.

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Discover the Weekender Retreat 

The weekender is short and impactful, designed to energise and reset your system within a weekend, and transport you beyond the limitations of your daily life. Blue Stone Retreats  create the time and space you need to deep dive into  breathwork techniques to manage your mindset for modern-day living.

Where your breath goes, your mind will follow. Come with us on our next Breathwork Weekender.


Arrival: Friday 10th March 2023 at 4.00 pm.

Departure: Sunday 12th March, 2023 at 12.00 pm.



  • Welcome Circle

  • Inspirational Talks

  • 6 Breathwork sessions

  • 10 Breathwork techniques

  • 4 Warm bodywork yoga posture flows

  • Iconic Fire & Ice sessions to put your body in the training zone

  • A place of stillness and inspiration in nature

  • Wood-fired Sauna on Saturday and Sunday

  • Real wood floor, purpose-built yoga studio with wood-burner

  •  Relax and reset and time to socialize around the firepit each evening.

  • Fresh, seasonal and nutritious chef-prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Luxury Accommodation and Off-grid Camping options available


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Skill Level

Beginner, Intermedate and Advanced

Yoga Styles

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin

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Choose the Retreat Package that
Fits You Best

You are invited to work and play together, and transform over one incredible weekend. Once you connect with  your breath, you will never look back.  Breathwork, yoga, sauna, ice bath, circle workshop, all food and accommodation are included.


3-bed DORM.
£175 deposit
2 x £175 installments

(Total £525)


Private 3-bed room with your own shared bathroom. Relaxing lounge, luxury kitchen and garden with nature views.

A retreat is a great place to build new friendships, and it's fun to share. Simple luxury single bed in our hotel-style bedrooms. 

master suite ensuite
£175 deposit
2 x £240 installments

(Total £655 single person
£830 per couple)

Reset and Recalibrate. Private suite with private bathroom. Relaxing lounge, luxury kitchen and garden with nature views.

Luxuriate in your own space, it is well deserved.  Our three hotel-style master suites each have private bathrooms, superior double or king size beds. One suite has it's own kitchen, one is flooded with natural light and one has private access to garden.  All rooms have boutique hotel luxury bedding and soft furnishings.

twin room

£175 deposit
2 x £190 installments

(Total £555)

Private twin room with your own shared bathroom. Relaxing lounge, luxury kitchen and garden with nature views.

Luxury single hotel-style beds, bookable together or separately. Bring a friend or make a new one, connect and share the experience.

camping field

£125 deposit
2 x £60 installments

(Total £255)


You provide the campervan or tent.

All you can hear is bird song in our glamping field, plus you have access to a shared shower room, the retreat lounge and luxury kitchen . With full access to all retreat activities, you'll be part of the tribe.

£125 deposit
2x £50 installments

(Total £225)

This is a retreat with a difference. You can join us for breakfast, and sit around the firepit in the evening, access the retreat lounge and luxury kitchen, all while staying with friends, family or in your own home.

 With full access to the whole weekender, you'll be one of the tribe.