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Bonfire in Sand

Blue Stone Retreats

Restoring Physical and Mental Wellbeing
Breathwork I Yoga I Retreats I Workshops

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Scientifically-Proven Techniques for Modern Day Living
Upgrade Nervous System I Brain Health I Respiratory Health I Cardiovascular Health.

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Discover the Blue Stone

Retreat Package

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The following is not included:

Snacks and extra drinks: please feel welcome to bring food to keep in your accommodation fridge and prepare in your own kitchen. 

Blue Stone Rretreat includes:

Luxury accommodation in nature

Full board chef-prepared menus 

Breath work to energise and boost immunity

Warm yoga flow posture work to energise

Cold water therapy for strength

Sauna hot therapy for detoxification

Walking in nature for connection

Fire  Circle Workshop

Relax around firepit each evening

Star and Full Moon gazing

Meet the Founderof Blue Stone Breathwork Retretas

Katherine is an 500 hour + qualified and certified advanced Living Yoga Method TM Breath Work Coach and Yoga Teacher. 

Dedicated to teaching skills for optimal modern day living, Katherine will guide you, inspire you and provide the ultimate transformative and nourishing experience on retreat 

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Katherine Howlett

Reach for the sky and stay connected to the Earth.

Blue Stone Retreats provide an inclusive setting  to reconnect,

reset and rejuvenate.  

2020 and 2021 have been tough. It's time now to prioritise wellbeing, connect with like minded people and share time with loved ones. Whether you come to the retreat alone or in a group, you'll make new friends for life on retreat.


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LIVE on Zoom

every morning, Mon - Fri at 6.30 am

(20 minutes)

Set your morning on a new trajectory. By 6.50 am you've won the day already.

Boosting your breathing increases immunity, enhances decision making, increases lung volume deals with stress and generates endorphins.


My teacher, Steve Harrison dedicated 20 years to perfecting a method to focus the breath which brings life-changing physical and psychological effects , increases  lung volume, boosts brain function and enhances immunity. 


Katherine has been instructed, to an advanced level,  on how to teach this practice to others.

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On retreat you'll learn how to connect with your breath and use it to improve your own psychology and brain chemistry... forever.

James Nestor: How Breathing
Techniques change our lives