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Cold Water Therapy

What is it I Benefits I Weight Loss I How to Use I Safety I Bottom Line

Cold Water Training graphic.jpg
Cold Water Training graphic.jpg


Immersing yourself in cold water has some distinct health benefits, as a growing number of health influencers, celebrities, athletes, and trainers will happily confirm.

Hree are the scientifically-proven benefits of getting comfortable with the cold.



200-300% increase in Norepinephrine production, driving weight loss.

Drives up attention span and focus.

Increases self-belief.

Reduces inflammation.

 Increases stress-resilience.

Ice bath raise your fire.png

Light the Furnace

Norepinephrine tells the body to slow blood-flow to our extremities. It sends all available heat to the core, protecting our vital organs. This constriction of the blood vessels or ‘vasoconstriction’ naturally increases blood pressure. This mechanic also increases our metabolic rate, lighting our internal furnace and burning brown fat. At the same time, it asks our body to ‘vasodilate’, increasing blood-flow and decreasing our blood pressure. This allows the two systems to work together like a heat pump

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