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About Bluestone Retreats

immersive breathwork and cold water therapy experiences for curious souls.

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Purpose-Driven, Enthusiastic, Nature-Inspired

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June 2024
Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd Nov 2024
42 Acres, Regenerative Wellbeing  Retreat, Somerset

Bluestone Retreats offer immersive breathwork and cold water therapy experiences for individuals for a complete reset for their mind, body & spirit.  We offer evidence-based bio-hacking techniques infused with ancient spiritual science through the Buestone Retreats framework of breathwork, mindset training, yoga asanas, community and the fire & ice experience. 

Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


The Essence of Bluestone

Bluestone Retreats is an organization centered around transformation and connection. Connecting mind, body, spirit; communion with nature and community, and to the limitless energy and spirit surrounding us.

We offer a unique integrative six pillar approach, delivering holistic, curated practices of breathwork, yoga asana, mindset training, cold water immersion, heat therapy and community connection.  Our retreats are designed to open your heart, build strength and resilience, and we approach the practice with lighthearted curiosity, giving full support to each other.




Our People

Our people crave meaningful, soulful, uplifting connections with themselves, their community, and the natural world.  You'll come to Bluestone if you are a curious soul, actively seeking personal development and uplifting social interactions. Our people are intrigued by bio-hacking techniques to optimize their health and wellbeing, and having already experienced the benefits of yoga and meditation, they love the idea of an immersive holistic experience that offers a transformation within a weekend.

At Bluestone Retreats we share spiritual knowledge and teach scientifically proven health protocols that reset the nervous system, boost immunity, increase respiratory and cardiovascular capacity and brain function.  You'll be fully supported in your endeavor on retreat.


What sets up apart

Bluestone retreats is a spa retreat, and neither do we offer spiritual tourism. Bluestone is a fully immersive experience that offers you a paradigm-shifting transformation in a weekend, coupled with a community to offer ongoing support. Bluestone Retreats helps you strip away the layers to uncover your true nature and potential in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment.

  • We use the Bluestone Retreats Framework of 6 Pillars: Asana Postures, Ice Immersion, Heat Therapy, Breathwork, Mindset Training, Connection.

  • Our luxury retreats are deeply immersed in nature, to recharge your soul.

  • Connections are built through shared experiences including our communal ice bath, partner work, after dinner campfires and Om Chanting.

  • We want to gain experience of our true nature, as spirit souls, find our purpose in life and fulfill ourselves in this material world. 

  • We are dedicated to protecting the planet, sustainability and nature.



Katherine Howlett, Retreat host

Katherine is a qualified yoga instructor and breath coach as well as a qualified fire and ice instructor and the founder of Bluestone Retreats. She offers a holistic retreat approach through six foundational pillars: breath, yoga, mindset, fire, ice & community.

Her effervescent energy and passion is infectious and her light-hearted curiosity for the practice makes it accessible and fun for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Katherine prides herself on delivering retreats centred around transformation and connection. She encourages her students to explore connecting mind, body, and spirit; communion with nature and community. 

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What to expect

Led by certified Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach Katherine Howlett,  you will learn a toolkit of scientifically proven breathwork techniques and ancient and modern research into heat & cold exposure to increase your overall health, vitality, sense of connection and life longevity.

Yoga Bodywork Styles:

Raja (Hatha) Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra for Sleep Restoration

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As the foundation to our practice, you'll learn to use your breath to upgrade your nervous system, brain chemistry, respiratory and cardiovascular health.

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Yoga Asanas

Focussed yoga flows to connect your breath to your posture work to internalise awareness, warm up the body,  strengthen, tone and detoxify.


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Mindset practice

Upgrade your mindset through evidence-based breath and mindfulness practices designed to help you harness your true potential & thrive.

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Sauna heat therapy

In our wood-fired barrel sauna, we will be using alternating heat and cold therapies to boost brain function, promote weight loss and optimise wellbeing.

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Cold water therapy

Embrace your inner Wim Hof with ice baths and wild swimming to strengthen the parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous system, focus the mind. Increase endorphins and more.  

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Make friends for life through our community focussed approach and support. Commune around the fire pit each night and enjoy meals together. 


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Stunning countryside location

Our retreat takes place at our award winning Luxury Regenerative Estate,

42 Acres, set in the stunning Somerset countryside. This beautiful location, nestled in 173 acres of  ancient woodland, lakes and meadows, is a wildlife sanctuary, offering a home to beavers, wild boar, pine martens, barn owls, otters, hares, kestrel and buzzards,  just 20 minutes from Frome, Gillingham and Westbury. 42 Acres is a luxury wellness retreat dedicated to bringing you back to nature. 

Immerse yourself in luxurious 42 Acres where every detail has been meticulously crafted to cocoon you in comfort and indulgence, including our 'Soil to Gut' hyper local, nourishing food with premium wild foraged ingredients. Surrender to the therapeutic embrace of nature as you experience green landscapes, wild swimming and unwind amidst the harmonious sounds of the forest.

There is a choice of luxury accommodation on offer, including private and shared rooms.

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Delicious chef-prepared food

Our regenerative, hyper-local and simple food demonstrates a way of eating that continues the traditions of the past and supports our shared future. As we cultivate and restore the wellbeing of our planet Earth, we cultivate and restore the wellbeing within ourselves.


Our 'Soil to Gut' Menu

To grow and eat in a way that serves the health of people and the planet.

We journey well beyond the farm to table concept and delve deeper into our soils and our gut. We believe that the soils in which we grow food and our guts in which the food ends up, are one and the same.

Since the health and contents of the soil will inevitably end up in our bodies, we should treat them with the same care. Our locally sourced, home-grown and wild foraged ingredients reflect how we nourish the land and local environment. We keep our menus simple so that our incredible ingredients can take the stage.

All-inclusive Retreat Prices

Room rates include:

all meals, breathwork and yoga classes, ice baths and sauna therapy, wild swimming and fire circle.

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