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Fire & Ice 'Vitality' Retreat

Fri 29th Sept - 1st October.

immersive breathwork and cold water therapy experiences for curious souls.

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Our immersive Fire & ice retreat experience:

29th Sept- 1st Oct 2023, Hampshire
Prices from £575

Come and experience the profound benefits of holistic breathwork, yoga and hot and cold-water therapy for a complete reset and upgrade of mind, body & spirit, in this luxury countryside retreat.

Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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Reset your body, mind & spirit

Energise and reset your system with evidence-based breathwork practices combined with our iconic fire and ice therapy, mindset training, yoga flows and bedtime yoga nidra.


Discover the transformative effects of the Living Yoga Method™ in a truly immersive, luxury countryside retreat setting and for yourself. This holistic breathwork practice incorporates the legendary Fire & Ice experience as well as movement, mindset & meditation.

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Harness your potential 

Are you ready to break through your own barriers and liberate yourself from day-to-day stress, and limited and negative thought patterns? The Bluestone Retreat experience is set up to promote your own growth and self-development as well as building connection and community through the experiences including the fire pit and cold water ice bath.

The best bit, is that you'll go home feeling grounded, centred and energised with a renewed sense of what is possible for you and a tool kit of techniques to use in your daily life.

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Release your inner Wim Hof

Release your inner Wim Hof as we use cold water therapy and heat therapy in our iconic 'Fire and Ice' process to upgrade the body's stress response. First we'll spend time in the Sauna. This dilates your blood vessels, causing you to cool down quicker when you then jump into ice-cold water.


We then use Breathwork to harness the power of the fire and ice after the ice immersion, after which you are free to re-enter the sauna. Each individual's cold exposure is timed by stopwatch and managed closely by Katherine, a qualified fire and ice instructor. Staying within the time limits will ensure you stay within the safe operating physical 'training zone' for your body.

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What to expect

Led by certified Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach Katherine Howlett,  you will learn a toolkit of scientifically proven breathwork techniques and ancient and modern research into heat & cold exposure to increase your overall health, vitality, sense of connection and life longevity.

Yoga Bodywork Styles:

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra for Sleep Restoration

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As the foundation to our practice, you'll learn to use your breath to upgrade your nervous system, brain chemistry, respiratory and cardiovascular health.

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Yoga Asanas

Focussed yoga flows to connect your breath to your posture work to internalise awareness, warm up the body,  strengthen, tone and detoxify.


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Mindset practice

Upgrade your mindset through evidence-based breath and mindfulness practices designed to help you harness your true potential & thrive.

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Sauna heat therapy

In our wood-fired barrel sauna, we will be using alternating heat and cold therapies to boost brain function, promote weight loss and optimise wellbeing.

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Cold water therapy

Embrace your inner Wim Hof with ice baths to strengthen the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, focus the mind. increase endorphins and more.  

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Make friends for life through our community focussed approach and support. Commune around the fire pit each night and enjoy meals together. 

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Katherine Howlett, Retreat host

Katherine is a qualified yoga instructor and breath coach as well as a qualified fire and ice instructor and the founder of Bluestone Retreats. She offers a holistic retreat approach through six foundational pillars: breath, yoga, mindset, fire, ice & community.

Her effervescent energy and passion is infectious and her light-hearted curiosity for the practice makes it accessible and fun for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Katherine prides herself on delivering retreats centred around transformation and connection. She encourages her students to explore connecting mind, body, and spirit; communion with nature and community. 

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Stunning countryside location

Our retreat takes place in 270 acres of stunning Hampshire countryside, just 20 minutes from Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury. Gambledown Farm is a luxury wellness retreat dedicated to bringing you back to nature. 

Immerse yourself in luxurious Gambledown Farm where every detail has been meticulously crafted to cocoon you in comfort and indulgence, including cuisine served by celebrated Chef, Sushil. Surrender to the therapeutic embrace of nature as you experience green landscapes and unwind amidst the harmonious sounds of the countryside.

There is a choice of luxury accommodation on offer, including private and shared rooms.

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Delicious chef-prepared food

Our fabulous chef Sushil's homemade vegetarian and vegan Indian dinner menu is a fusion of rich flavours and wholesome ingredients, meticulously curated to support your well-being and uplift your senses.


Sushil's culinary artistry aims to balance and replenish, ensuring that every bite supports your transformative retreat experience. As you partake in this Indian dinner, let the fusion of tastes transport you to a place of contentment and tranquillity.

As an esteemed part of our retreat experience, Chef Sushil joins us personally to serve her delectable creations and engage in meaningful conversations with our cherished guests. This exclusive opportunity allows you to not only savor the flavors of her culinary masterpieces but also to connect with the artist behind the meals.



What's included

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Full board chef-prepared meals

  • 8 Conscious Breathwork Sessions

  • 6 Warm Bodywork Yoga Flows

  • 2 Fire & Ice Sessions

  • 1 Yoga Nidra Session for Deep Relaxation and Sleep

  • Agni Fire God Ceremony

  • Coffee and Yogi Tea

  • Connective Group Ice Bath Support, Guidance and Safety Protocols


Opportunity for nature walks in 270 private acres of countryside

Dark Skies away from Light Pollution

Prices from £430pp


Immersive Breathwork, Yoga, Ice Bath, Sauna Therapy & Mindset Training for Curious Souls


Shared Triple / Quad Room with own Bathroom

£430 pp

£175 deposit
£255 balance payment

The female room and male room are located in lux converted barns, each with cozy lounges, fantastic kitchens and private gardens, and each room has it's own individual bathroom.

The accommodation has a private rear garden, and front garden with a patio, garden furniture and expansive views out to the retreat terrace, lawn and mature trees.

Private Room with

Private Bathroom

£720 pp

860  per couple)

£240 deposit pp

plus balance payment

We have three options for you:


Two exquisite King En-Suites,  luxurious havens accessed by their own private flight of stairs - or - 

our Private Cozy Barn Conversion complete with its own kitchen, seating area and bathroom. All rooms have boutique hotel luxury bedding and soft furnishings.

Male Twin Room with Private Bathroom
£515 pp

1 space remaining

£175 deposit
£340 balance payment

The twin room is set apart by it's own private en-suite and expansive views across to the horses' paddock, set amidst 270 acres of countryside.

The retreat lounge is flooded with natural lights, and the cozy living space centres around a wood-burning stove.

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