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Breathwork In-Person Sessions

Quick, stop what you are doing, wherever you are, and take a deep breath.

You probably feel better already. The power of a deep, cleansing breath is well known – it powers down our automatic stress responses and helps us feel more grounded.

What you may not know?

A new trend is making the wellness rounds this year, and that’s something called breathwork. 

Sunday 9th October, 
2-4 pm
New Energy Yoga, 71 Parchment Street,
Winchester, SO23 8AT

How to Boost—Or Chill—Your Energy with Your Breath

Simple modern-day techniques to manage your mindset. When you calm your breath, your mind will follow. When you breathe rapidly, energy is amped up and you get ‘high on your own supply’.

Katherine, an Advanced Breathwork Coach, will guide you through the revolutionary LIVING YOGA METHOD TM breathing practice designed to oxygenate blood, detoxify the body, strengthen lungs, increase respiratory, cardiovascular and brain health, and strengthen immunity against Covid-19.

The workshop will include 15 minutes of posture work and 15 minutes of relaxation.


The Science behind it.

Dynamic breathwork activates and strengthens the sympathetic nervous system, releasing endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, making us more stress resilient and capable of handling release of cortisol and adrenaline without flipping into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Breathing slowly and consciously releases tension from the body, enabling us to connect with the buzzing and tingling of the body fully oxygenated in ‘dynamic stillness’. Rebalance and reset of the nervous system is generated, enabling an upgrade in our usual psychological patterning. The mind then slips out of its usual mental conditioning into a new field of creativity and unlimited possibilities.


You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, calm and wellbeing – once you learn how to connect with your breath, you will never look back.

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