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Mini-Retreat Winter Solstice Experience

This Mini Retreat is Sold Out.

We are back in 2024 with a new series of Heath Reset Mini Retreats and Spring Equinox Celebration. Join us on Jan 24th, Feb 21st or March 21st - book your tickets now! 

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Winter Solstice mini-retreat

Thursday 21st December, 7.00- 9.30 pm

The Winchester Garden Spa, The Pump House, Garnier Road, Winchester, SO23 9QG


Welcome to Bluestone Retreats, where the magic of the winter solstice comes alive in the heart of nature. Embrace the serene beauty of the season with our Winter Solstice Mini Retreat—a soulful journey that harmonizes breathwork, sauna indulgence, invigorating ice immersion, mindful movement, and the warmth of community connection around a crackling fire pit.



Thursday 21st December, 7.00 to 9.30pm

What's included: 

Ceremonial cocoa welcome drink

Breathwork Practice

Mindset Training
Woodland sauna experience
Cold water plunge in nature

Horse Stance Movement post ice bath (Wim Hoff style)
A chance to connect around our cozy community fire pit 

Winter Solstice plant and seasonal earth connection


Early bird tickets are £27 pp, £35 pp thereafter.

At Bluestone Retreats, we invite you to embrace the Winter Solstice with open hearts and open minds. Join us for a rejuvenating mini retreat that weaves together all six pillars of the Bluestone Retreats framework for a complete reset of body, mind and spirit.  Reserve your spot now and make this winter solstice a transformative and unforgettable experience.


This Mini Retreat is Sold Out.

We are back in 2024 with a new series of Heath Reset Mini Retreats and Spring Equinox Celebration. Join us on Jan 24th, Feb 21st or March 21st - book your tickets now! 


Heart-Opening Cacoa, Breathwork, Fire & Ice: ancient tools for inner exploration. 

Starting in The Pump House, you will be surrounded by warmth and candles whilst Katherine guides you in to a world of breath work to truly allow you to relax and focus. 

We will begin our evening with ceremonial cacao, after which you will be guided through a breathwork practice for inner exploration, connection with self and nature.

Then you will be calmly walked over to The Winchester Garden Spa where you will sit in the nature filled relaxation area and then enter the woodfired woodland sauna with its roaring flames.

Then when the moment is right you will be encouraged to submerge yourself into the water and ice filled dipping pool. You'll then be guided through the Wim Hoff 'horse stance' method of warming the body safely and effectively, from where there will be opportunity to reenter the sauna to warm yourself once again.

Then when the garden spa time ends you will be led back to the warmth and cozy vibes of The Pump House to be able to immerse in candlelight, unwind, whilst mingling with the fellow participants.

Perfect way to end the perfect evening. 


This mini retreat is sold out, but we have a new 2024 Health Reset series of mini retreats, featuring our woodland sauna, cold water dip and breathwork science protocols. We have one retreat each month, Jan, Feb & March, to help you keep your health goals on track.


Explore and join us January, February or March- book your ticket now! 

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3 Day Retreats at 42 Acres
Breathwork, Fire & Ice, Movement,
Mindset Training and Community Connection
Two dates: 7th - 9th June & 1
st - 3rd Nov 2024

Loved the mini-retreat? Everyone is welcome to join the immersive paradigm shifting 3-day retreat at stunning country estate 42 Acres in Somerset.  Led by certified Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach Katherine Howlett,  you learn a toolkit of scientifically proven breathwork techniques and ancient and modern research into heat & cold exposure to increase your overall health, vitality, sense of connection and life longevity. Secure your spot for a weekend of profound transformation and nature immersion. 

Yoga Bodywork Styles:

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra for Sleep Restoration

Bluestone retreats breathwork practice.jpg


As the foundation to our practice, you'll learn to use your breath to upgrade your nervous system, brain chemistry, respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Bluestone retreats yoga practice.jpg

Yoga Asanas

Focussed yoga flows to connect your breath to your posture work to internalise awareness, warm up the body,  strengthen, tone and detoxify.


Bluestone retreats mindset practice.jpg

Mindset practice

Upgrade your mindset through evidence-based breath and mindfulness practices designed to help you harness your true potential & thrive.

Bluestone retreats sauna heat therapy.jpg

Sauna heat therapy

In our wood-fired barrel sauna, we will be using alternating heat and cold therapies to boost brain function, promote weight loss and optimise wellbeing.

Bluestone retreats ice bath cold water therapy.jpg

Cold water therapy

Embrace your inner Wim Hof with ice baths to strengthen the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, focus the mind. increase endorphins and more.  

Bluestone retreats community fire pit.jpg


Make friends for life through our community focussed approach and support. Commune around the fire pit each night and enjoy meals together. 



Katherine Howlett, Retreat host

Katherine is a qualified yoga instructor and advanced breath coach and 'fire and ice' instructor and the founder of Bluestone Retreats. She offers a holistic retreat approach through six foundational pillars: breath, yoga, mindset, fire, ice & community.

Her effervescent energy and passion is infectious and her light-hearted curiosity for the practice makes it accessible and fun for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Katherine prides herself on delivering retreats centred around transformation and connection. She encourages her students to explore connecting mind, body, and spirit; communion with nature and community. 


Bluestone Retreats at the Winchester Garden Spa - at The Pump House

We have partnered with Winchester's unique Pump House for our mini-retreats. Experience the Garden Spa Oasis, complete with an outdoor sauna and cold water dipping pool. Picture a serene haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Unwind and detoxify in our crafted sauna, then invigorate your senses in our refreshing pool. This picturesque oasis is a must-have addition to your wellbeing routine.

A place to connect with nature - an outdoor spa experience with relaxation tent, outdoor sauna and cold water dipping pools.

Use the relaxation tent to soak up views of St.Catherine’s Hill and listen to the calming waters of the River Itchen before entering the log-fired sauna and resetting your nervous system in the cold water plunge pool.

If you fancy drinks and some food, order from our menu and The Pump House team will bring this to you so you can sit back and relax.

Whether you're seeking a solo escape, a romantic getaway, or a memorable gathering with friends, our Mini Retreats at the Garden Spa promises to provide the perfect setting for transformation and rejuvenation.


Bluestone Mini- Retreats are the perfect place to refresh and unwind.

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