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from Founder Katherine Howlett

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Blue Stone Breathwork delivers transformative and profound personal development. We work with retreat centres and support communities and organisations delivering  sustainable and socially responsible strategic change, at scale.

Katherine Howlett, Breath Coach, Yoga Teacher, Sustainability Professional and Founder of Blue Stone Retreats.


1. Empower people to reconnect with our natural world, increasing the perceived value of our natural capital and drive to protect it.

2. Teach techniques for modern-day living to support resilient re-imagining communities building sustainable futures. Coach, mentor and guide.

Blue Stone Retreats is a not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to purpose and biodiversity, which means we use our profits, after paying our teachers and running costs, to support wildlife projects at each retreat location.


This can be low-cost like putting up nesting boxes or higher-cost e.g. water ecology projects when our profit is higher. We support local producers and source seasonal locally produced food to reduce emissions and travel miles associated with our retreat cooking.  We always share sustainability best practice with our venues, but we cannot control their operations. 

Welcome to yoga and breathwork with a sustainability purpose. At Blue Stone Retreats, we are committed to tackling climate crisis and ecological breakdown.

Get to Know Us

A look back at what inspired our very first retreat.

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