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Blue Stone Retreats

Breathwork, Cold Water, Connection, Mindset

Authentic Breathwork & Yoga for Real People with Real Results. 


Immerse yourself in the profound impact of the scientifically proven Living Yoga Method framework as we practice breathwork, yoga bodywork, detoxifying sauna heat therapy, cold water therapy and mindset training to release stress and reprogram negative patterns.

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Our immersive Fire & ice retreat experience:

29th Sept- 1st Oct 2023, Hampshire

Come and experience the profound benefits of holistic breathwork, yoga and hot and cold-water therapy for a complete reset and upgrade of mind, body & spirit, in this luxury countryside retreat.

On retreat you'll learn how to connect with your breath and use it to improve your own psychology and brain chemistry... forever.

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Katherine Howlett

Meet the Founder of Blue Stone Breathwork Retreats

Katherine is an 500 hour + qualified and certified advanced Living Yoga Method TM Breath Work Coach and Yoga Teacher. 

Dedicated to teaching skills for optimal modern-day living, Katherine will guide you, inspire you and provide the ultimate transformative and nourishing experience on retreat. 

Blue Stone Retreats provide an inclusive setting to reconnect, reset and rejuvenate.

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Harness your potential 

Join us for this immersive 3-day mini retreat which includes: 

  • Breath work to energise and boost immunity

  • Warm yoga flow posture work to energise

  • Cold water therapy for strength

  • Sauna hot therapy for detoxification

  • Walking in nature for connection

  • Fire Circle Workshop

  • Relax around the firepit each evening

  • Star and Full Moon gazing

Go home feeling grounded, centred and energised with a renewed sense of what is possible for you and a tool kit of techniques to use in your daily life.


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Live Breathwork Wednesdays

LIVE on Zoom every Wednesday 

12.00 pm (20 minutes)

​A balancing mid-week breathwork session to reset your week.

Boosting your breathing increases immunity, enhances decision making, increases lung volume deals with stress and generates endorphins.

Join me and a supportive community of breathwork enthusiasts online every Wednesday.

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My teacher, Steve Harrison, dedicated 20 years to perfecting a method to focus the breath, which brings life-changing physical and psychological effects, increases lung volume, boosts brain function and enhances immunity. 


The benefits of proper breathing have been scientifically proven.  Watch this 5mins video to find out how focusing attention on the breath enhances well-being, brain chemistry and our own psychology. You'll learn how to work with your breath on the retreat plus a tool-kit of techniques to use in your daily life. Katherine has been instructed, to an advanced level,  on how to teach this practice to others.

You Are Destroying Your Health | James Nestor on Breathing
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James Nestor: How Breathing
Techniques change our lives

How Practicing Yoga Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

Yoga poses help you relax which reduces blood pressure and lowers amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Yoga poses and breathing tutorials teach you how to let go, reprogramming the nervous system and boosting energy-giving endomorphins. 

Reduces stress levels 

Stress and anxiety are everywhere. If they're getting the best of you, you might want to hit the mat and give yoga a try.

Improves attention & concentration

Integrating physical movement with breath awareness and focused attention, upgrades neural communication between the brain and body,

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'One of the best signs of your growth is seeing yourself no longer worried, bothered, or hurt by the things that once used to drain you. You're getting better, stronger, more aware and it feels so good.'

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The Bluestone Sustainability promise

Blue Stone Retreats is a not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to purpose and biodiversity, which means we use our profits, after paying our teachers and running costs, to help wildlife at each retreat location.


This can be low-cost, like putting up nesting boxes or higher-cost e.g. water ecology projects, when our profit is higher. We support local producers and source seasonal locally produced food to reduce emissions and travel miles associated with our retreat cooking.  We always share sustainability best practices with our venues, but we cannot control their operations. 

Welcome to yoga and breathwork with a sustainability purpose. At Blue Stone Retreats, we are committed to tackling climate crisis and ecological breakdown.